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  • Hey dolls, so every now and then I'll have some interviews with beauty bloggers. Let's start with Stephanie, from Aquahearts Obsessions:
1- How do you describe your style?
tephanie: I guess you could say my style is all about comfort yet trendy. I could be in jeans and a top with wedges, then dress and heels when out for the night. It always depends on how I’m feeling.
2- What is your favorite piece of clothing
S: Hmm.. I would have to say my rompers right now. They are perfect for summer and so comfortable too.
3- What is the predominant color in your closet?
S: Unfortunately right now it all kinds of grey. I’m trying to buy some more brighter colors like coral, yellow, etc. for Summer.
4- What is your favorite accessory?
S: I’m really bad with accessories. The one thing I always do buy and wear though are different kinds of cocktail rings. I love rings that are big and have a lot of color.

Beauty / Makeup:
1-What are the makeup products you can't leave the house without?
S: Definitely a mirror, q-tips. liquid eye liner, concealer, eye lash curler, and face powder.

2-If I gave you $150, what beauty items that you don't own would you buy?

S: Hmm good question. Probably put it towards a good makeup storage case.

3-What are your top 5 beauty/makeup products?

1. Too faced Shadow Insurance

2. MAC Painterly Paint Pot

3. Chanel Lip Gloss

4. Napoleon Perdis Blush

5. MAC liquid Eyeliner

4-What is your favorite brand of makeup? Why?

S: This question is always hard for me to answer. I love so many brands, but I do have mostly MAC in my makeup stash, so I’m going with MAC.


1- Do you like reality TV? If yes, what is your favorite reality show?

S: Hmm.. I have to say not really. I don’t watch too much TV.

2- What is your favorite TV series?

S: I do love Grey’s Anatomy! Great show.

3- What is your favorite song at the moment?

S: Lady Gaga: Alejandro

4- What is your favorite movie?

S: Labyrinth J

Thank you so much to Stephanie for doing this (:

Much love

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