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Hi everyone, it's time for another Q&A. And for this month the lovely blogger answering all the questions is Lauren from laurenrhiannon.

1- How do you describe your style?
 I actually had this conversation with a friend today :) I'm not sure I have one..I just like what I like..although I was told girly bordering indie the other day..I love my dresses and pretty colours, but i'm quite casual really! Maybe you could tell me? 

2- What is your favorite piece of clothing?
 My faaavourite piece of clothing...dresses..all of them, haha..a lazy girls dream! I love a good skater dress!

3- What is the predominant color in your closet?
 Sadly, at the! I always seem to wear black on a night out..or black skinnies..its just so safe! Ido have a lot of colours, pinks and blush/nudes would be next in line!

4- What is your favorite accessory?
 A nice scarf! I wear a scarf almost every day! I feel so wrong without one! I love some tacky bling at the moment also, any form will do :)

Beauty / Makeup:
1-What are the makeup products you can't leave the house without?
 Err...I always always carry 2 or 3 lipsticks..a gloss and lip balm with me, just in case! I don't take a lot of makeup out actually, but concealer is another! I always smash my poor blushers so I leave them at home! Must be a bit heavy handed with my bag during my travels!

2-If I gave you $150, what beauty items that you don't own would you buy?
 A lot of lipsticks..i'm obsessed! Pinks and corals :) aaand..maybe dabble in testing some products i've heard others rave about!

3-What are your top 5 beauty/makeup products?
 I really like (1)Maybelline skin satin liquidy foundation on my skin, not to heavy but enough, I love the (2)Benefit10 bronzer and (3)NARS orgasm/penny lane usual combo, a nice (4)MAC lipstick..depends on the day which though! and...oh, at the moment my (5)L'oreal million lashes is making me happy!  

4-What is your favorite brand of makeup?
 I would have to say MAC and them both! but maybelline is easier for me to get to :)


1- Do you like reality TV? If yes, what is your favorite reality show?
 16 and pregnant on MTV? Does that count? I looove that show! Scarily much! haha..oh dear!

2-  What is your favorite TV series?
 Bones..haha..perhaps. I love Curb Your Enthusiasm..I like a lot of things, couldn't possible pick one!

3- What is your favorite song at the moment?
 Oh again..not sure! I'll just check the music channels! I'm liking Mark Ronsons new one! A bit of Tinie Tempah maybe haha and 3OH3! make me smile haha..they are on right now. Me and my friend do silly dances to their songs at work..hugely embarrassing! been walked in on too many times :) and I like All Time Low - Weightless? at the moment - probably more than you wanted to know there! 

4- What is your favorite movie?
 Favourite movie...for the girl in me..The Notebook and mean girls, I really enjoy American Psycho lol..but I love foreign films..non sexy ones though!

Thank you so much to Lauren for doing this

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