Bee Sting!!

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Hello dolls :)
 How is everyone since my last post?
I'm pretty good.

So, today I have a story to tell you about something that happened to me on friday:
+ I got a bee sting :
And I was so scared at first because I've seen people getting bee stings and then have huge
swellings, and needed to go to the hospital. But I realized that only happens  if you're allergic to bees, which luckily I'm not. So not big of a deal! hahaha
Today I spent the day with my boyfriend at the beach, and I'm really really tired, so today I can't really do a beauty related post! Excuse me girlies ;) 

But, I have a question for you about this tv series called "Pretty Little Liars", I've heard a lot of stuff about it and it actually won a TCA last monday. So, I want to ask if you watch it and if you think it is worth watching. 'Cause I watched the plot trailer, and it kinda remind me of the movie "Sorority Row", was not my favorite :S
What do you think?


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