AIDS CHARITY: FunnyFace Beauty Challenge

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Hello guys!
So, today I have a different post for you...
Today I have a post about charity!
I just want you to know about this challenge that is going on FunnyFace Beauty.
Heres is a small piece of her post:

"I have decided to use my 'Dare to Wear' challenge to dare all of you to help raise money for this important charity. For every person who takes my dare to wear challenge, I will donate $1 to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. BUT WAIT, it gets better than that, for the first 10 people who take my challenge, my parents will match  my $1, for the next ten people (20 people total), my parents will donate $2, for the next ten people (30 people total) my parents will donate an extra $3, and so on. AMAZING RIGHT?"

As you can see this is a great way to help other people. 
All you have to do is a look inspired by African Tribal Makeup :)

I'm totally in! And you?
Much love,


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