Heel Condoms?!

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So, I just came across this website where they sell covers for your heels!

What they say on the website:
Condom-like covers that let you play dress up with your shoes. These fit any stiletto type heels be they medium or high heel shoes.
Heel Condoms have many perks: 
+ Make simple shoes a conversation piece
+ Mix and Match with outfits
+ Great for travel
+ Easy to wear
+ Protect heels from damage
+ Reusable 


Now some pictures:
This maybe my favorite

 Very elegant!

 Dare to wear?

What do you think about this new concept?
I'm not really sure about it yet, but it may be an interesting idea to play up with your outfit and make it funnier :)
See the whole collection here.

YAY or NAY? 
Let me know here opinion on the comments below.


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