FOTD & First Payment from CashAdda

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Hello everyone!
I'm back at my parents house for a few days, so today I went to lunch with some friends that I've not seen in a while =)

For the eyes I just used  a neutral shadow, eyeliner on the top lash line and some mascara.

And bold red lips!

I also want to share with you this opportunity to make some money online.
I don't know if you are familiar with this websites that pay to click on ads, and I always thought they were scams x)
But a friend of mine told me he is registred on a few of them and that they really pay you.
And he convinced me to register myself on two of them...CashAdda and on VcBux.
I'm registered there for 3/4 days I think. And today I decided  to cashout the 0,04$ I had made on CashAdda to my paypal account to see if it would be worth to continue clicking there... And guess what? They really paid me! Here is the proof:
Yeah I know it is little payment but as the time goes on you start to invite people and that way we can make more money!
I think this is great for the beauty community because we NEED to buy all the cute limited editions, right? xD

On VcBux I still didn't ask for the cashout because you need to have at least 2.00$.
But as soon as I recieve the money I'll post the proof here.
I also researched the internet and saw some payment proofs out there. So I guess this one is also legit :)
Another think that I liked about VcBux is that when you do your login it is a HTTPS page, which means all the information you give is encrypted so this way that can not steal your information.

If you wanna check this websites:

I would be very happy if you could help me =)
 What do you think of this PTC websites?
It doesn't hurt to try I guess, right?

Much love,

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