Laser hair removal - 1st session!

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On March 19th I got my bikini line done with laser finally (it was my first session). I wanted to do this for so long, because I always had allergies on this area if I used razors or even with wax, so it was always a lot of pain whenever I shaved or waxed.
So,when I got there the lady made some questions (if I was pregnant, if I had any hormonal problems etc), then she gave me some protection glasses and started applying a cold gel on my bikini line, I think this is supposed to calm down the pain and refresh the skin.
First flash and...ouch! Yes it does hurt a little bit but is nothing near excruciating, and it only hurts when it flashes. If I could compare it to anything...I would say it is like someone  pinching you xD
I  also got my tummy done and on this area there were no pain what so ever! For me where it hurted the most was when the ladie started to get closer to down there!

Today, is March 21st, and by tuesday the hairs started to fall off =)
Except on my tummy...where they are still the same.

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I will keep you updated on this!
Any it on the comments bellow I would be really happy to help you.

Have you ever got laser hair removal? Tell me your experiences!
Do you want to get it? Where?

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