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Hello!! Long time no see I know!
If you don't know already, I moved in to a new apartment last September, away from my parents house, because I'm in college.
But every weekend I pack my bags and go back to my parent's house.
So I wanted to show you what I bring in my travel makeup bag.
Btw, I really want to invest on  a good traincase but they are so expensive...

Here is an overview of the thing:
1- How it looks on the outside. Hehehe cute bunnies xD

2- How it looks oppened.

  3- Here is what I have inside the yellow bag, right now.
Usually a have:
+MAC Studio Fix Fluid
+Rimmel London Stick Concealer
+Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer
+ELF Eyelid primer
+ 2 Neutral Eyeshadow palettes (one is shimmery and the other is matte)
+ Liquid and Pencil Black Liner
+ The lipsticks that I would like to wear for the week (on the pic I have NYX in Indian Pink and the ELF one is in the color Secuctive)
+My daily moisturizer and eye cream
+Mineral foundation
+Compact powder
+Blushes (on the pic I have ELF in pink passion and a Essence one, that I can't remember the name)
+NYX eye jumbo pencil in Milk
+ELF shimmering facial whip (this gives me a pretty glow)
+Eyelash curler

4- Here is the plastic container, where I keep my brushes.
Left to right:
+ELF Blending eye brush
+ELF shadow brush
+ELF studio complexion brush
+ELF studio powder brush
+ELF angled brush (need to find another one, I think this is harsh on my face)
+A mini ELF gel liner brush

5- On the other side of the bag I have:
+Tresemme Heat protector
+Claire's palette
+My epilator
+Dental floss (I really don't know how this ended up here lol)
+And a random headband that I just had throw there

And that's it!

What do you bring with you when you travel?
Any cheap yet sturdy traincases advice?

 Happy Easter,

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