Mini Lush Haul

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Hey beauty addicts! 
Last week I made my first order from Lush.
I purchased the face cleanser "Fresh Farmacy" and their deodorant called "Aromarant". As samples I received the "Aromaco" deodorant and the "Angels on Bare Skin".
So far, I only tried out the FF and Aromarant and I'm really happy with the deodorant...the face cleanser I still have to wait a few more uses to give my opinion.
Here's is the lovely and colorful box:

 And then...I managed to drop the box on the floor!!

+What lush product should I try next? What's your favorite?

P.S.: It all came wrapped in paper (not like in the pic). The pictures were taken a few days later, I already had use the Aromarant and took a slice off of the Fresh Farmacy xD


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