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Hey dolls!
So, I want to do my first collab with another beauty blogger.
I'm still not 100% sure what it is going to be about because I want to talk about that with whoever is going to collab with me.
But, I'm thinking about a NYX Nude on Nude palette (I own this one) vs. Urban Decay Naked palette (would be great if you own this one).
Get what I'm trying to do?

+ So if you're interested in collaborate with me just contact me here:

+ What you have to say? 
Just say you're interested in collaborating in this, leave me a link to your blog, and if you own the UD palette or not (We can still figure out something...or I can contact you for a future collaboration if you don't own it, that is not a problem, what so ever!).

+I just want to say that I live in GMT time zone, just for your reference...because we may have to talk trough skype or something. Otherwise e-mail is also an option.

And yep...that's basically it! Come and be my friend xD

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Much Love,

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