When will my makeup expire?

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Hello lovely readers!
So, today I was organizing my makeup drawers and tossing away some products :( Then I remembered an article I read on yahoo by: allure.com, where they talked about expiration dates of some cosmetics.
So, I realized it would be a great idea to print it and keep near my makeup drawers, so I could always remember that.
Here is the ( I think, pretty ) table I made and want to share with all of you, so you can print it too:
 I think it would look very cool if you print it and put it in a pretty frame in your vanity!
So about the dates...I kind of agree with everything, EXCEPT the eyeshadow thing. Like, for real 3months?! That's just being too anal about stuff, I'm not, for sure, throwing away a UD naked palette after three months LOL !
I think we will be fine keeping it up to 2 years. Right?

So here is my version of things xD

What do you think about this?
I, personally am not very picky about this kind of stuff and usually keep some makeup longer than this (like mascara and eye shadows of course). 
The other things I guess it's pretty reasonable and by that time I already got new stuff or finished it.

Original article: http://yhoo.it/bwNtW6
Much Love,

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