Makeup for every eye color

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So, for my first official beauty post I decided to do a little list of what eyeshadow colors look good on what eye color.


Violets, Silver, Baby pink, Honey, Grey,Copper, Brown
and Graphite


Copper, gold, brown. Avoid orange tones.

Blue, Lilac, Graphite or Black. You should use a golden highlighter
right below your brows.


Copper, Brown, Honey, Gray and Graphite

It goes well with almost every colors. They look better co
mbined with light colors
and black eyeliner.


Copper, Green, Orange, Blue, Lilac, Grey and Black. Be careful with some tones of brown
because they may look to similar with your eyes and
don't make them pop.

Golden colors, Green, Salmon. Don't pop with blue eyeshadows.

x Off course these are only suggestions.

The fun about makeup it's to get

creative and use you own rules.

Always smile and be fabulous x)

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