Going home :)

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I just got home from dinner with my college mates xD

Tomorrow I will be going back to my parents house :D (yeah yeah yeah).
Yes, because my college is 125miles away from my parents house, so I go back home every weekends, at least for now, at the beggining!

And...since I'm talking about this I can just give you a little update on my life (if anyone is interested xD)
So, right now I'm on my college 1st year, and I'm taking Pharmacy.
Since my college is so far away from home, I moved to an apartment with 2 more girls and I go back to my parents house every weekend.
My boyfriend also moved to the same city as I did (he's also on his college 1st year) , which is totally cool 'cause we can see each other everyday :)

As I said tomorrow we are going back to our hometown and next week I will bring my camera to post some outfits and makeup posts again!

Any requests/ideas will be very very very appreciated =)

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