Sigma E25 Brush - Review

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Hey everyone!
I'm back with another review.
Sigma sent me their eye blending  brush (E25) in the travel size version for review purposes.
As you may guess this will not be a huge review, because after all it is only an eye brush and there is not a lot to talk about.

So, the first thing I noticed once I took the brush from the container was a very strong plastic smell. Not so much on the bristles but mainly on the handle. This happened probably because it came in a plastic thingy. The smell went away from the bristles as soon as I washed it.

Let's section the review into topics:
- Shedding - It didn't loose a single bristle during the first wash, neither during the times I used it.
- Harsh? - Not at all!! This brush is so so soft that I just want to feel it all the time. It's probably softer than my kitty-cat tail xD
-Drying time - I washed it before the first usage and then I left it airdrying and it dried very fast (I think probably an hour to a hour and half)
- Size Comparison - Since I got the travel size I tough was a good idea to give you a size comparison to something that we all card (or affiliation card, drivers license, school ID...and all the cards with that standard size).

Even tough this is the travel size I think the bristles just look like the normal size. I would love to have the regular version of this brush to compare the bristles because they probably have about the same size.

You can get this brush here, on the Sigma Website.

Much love,

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