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 I am so over Winter and cold weather and I seriously can’t wait until Spring. Unfortunately today was raining all day =(
So I decided to do some research on what will be hot colors for this spring and all this research brightened up my day so I hope I can brighten yours ;P

Pink?! Nooo, it’s Honeysuckle! - The honeysuckle pink, was chosen as the color of the year by pantone (just write on google images: “pantone 18-2120” or “honeysuckle color” and you’ll see how freaking pretty this color is!)  and it was also used by some designers on the Spring 2011 runway shows.

Coral Rose The fashion Universe loves orange, and this spring 2011 it probably was the second most seen color on the runways.

Beeswax - Despite the “no one looks good in yellow” this was also a hot color down the Spring 2011 runways.

Regatta This season blue can go anywhere from pastel, to bright, to dark blue.

Russet – Hiding a little bit the earth tones were also on the runways!

Blue Curacao – The turquoise is still hanging strong, and we saw lots of it on the fashions shows.

Peapod – Green was not all over the place. But when it was there it definitely made a statement!

Silver Peony – Even though it was presented by pantone has one of the spring colors…we almost didn’t see it walking down the runway. Unfortunately, because I think this color is very elegant.

Lavender Lavender? That’s it?! Yep, no fancy name…just lavender! And its presence on the runway…was barely there :/ It was so hard for me to find it in the Fashion Shows.

Silver Cloud – Grey was HUGE on the runway. Here are the looks that I picked up:

And...that's it!
I hope you enjoy this post, I worked really hard on it and I spent lots of time going to almost every fashion show to search for the looks I wanted to share with you.

At the end...all I can say is: "Spring 2011 is going to be lots of fun!"

What is your favorite color for Spring?
Mine...are the Honeysuckle, Coral Rose and Silver Cloud.

Much love,

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