Day 1&2 - Feb Photo a Day Challenge

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Hey everyone!
So yesterday when I got home, I was browsing trough my favorite blogs and saw that Abbie was doing this photo challenge for the month of February.
The original idea comes from Chantelle.

Since I got this kinda late yesterday, I decided to do number 1&2 in the same post.

1 - Your view today
This is the view from my terrace this afternoon.

2 - Words
As lame as it seems...I had to study biochemistry this afternoon. I still have exams to do >.<

If you're doing this photo challenge or any other challenge, let me know, because I would love to check it out.

Much love,
PS: I'm sorry for the multicolored post but blogger is acting up and isn't allowing me to change the font color of some paragraphs! 

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