Day 3 - Feb Photo a Day Challenge

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Today's challenge was: 

And...I couldn't decide between this two pictures.

About the first one: Today was a very cold day, so I just stayed home. And I decided to do my nails. First I was going for a deep dark red (my go to color in the Winter) but then I was thinking to myself: "You don't do french tips in sooooo long...". Which is actually very true, back in high school I had my nails with french manicure all the time. But then, I guess I just turned lazy O.o
So I gave it a try today, it kinda ended up a little messed up but hum...whatever you can't see that details from far away xD

About the second one: I just took it right now with my cellphone, it's me holding hands with my cat :) 
Which has been my partner on my hardcore study nights.

Much love,

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